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"The Hairy Pussy Weight-Lifting Incident"
A hirsute woman gets fucked at the gym

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I love to going to the gym because I love looking at all the hot, sweaty babes there and recently I'd been getting a real thrill out of watching this babe, Stephanie, do her workouts. She's was this cute brunette with big blue eyes and an ass rounder than a bubble-headed beach-ball. I was getting in the habit of staring at her ass while she was on the tread-mill. I'd just sit behind her on a weight bench a few feet away, sipping from a soda pop. I'd have my werewolf mask and furry wererwolf gloves on, just sitting there feeling my cock pulsate while my hirsute radar went off in my head, telling me this babe had a nice hairy pussy between her legs and underneath her spandex pants. I consider myself to be a good-looking guy when I have my werewolf mask on, and I like to wear tight spandex shorts to show off my bulging privates when I'm out in public. I noticed that this Stephanie babe had been eyeing my crotch quite a bit. While she was on the treadmill she'd be looking over her shoulder at me and smiling. When she finished she'd walk over to an exercise bike and that's when I'd get out a couple dumb-bells, lifting them up and down as I grunted and thrusted my pelvis outward, letting this Stephanie chick get a good look at my package. While riding her bike, Stephanie made it obvious what she wanted by licking her lips and staring directly ay my crotch the whole time, pedalling faster and faster until her hirsute werewoman eyes began to glow and rapid spittle started spurting from between her lush lips. There's no doubt that this babe was in full lunar were-slut mode even in the sunny, late afternoons that we both frequented the gym.

I planned on fucking her soon, especially when I heard confirmation from another female member of the gym that Stephanie indeed had a nice, hairy pussy that hadn't been fucked in awhile. "Yeah, I saw Stephanie's pussy in the locker room once," the babe said to me while the two of us were doing jumping-jacks. "It was soooo fucking hairy, you'd have to see it to believe how beautiful it was. And I was talking to her in the locker room shower about how she'd recently broken up with her boyfriend and hadn't had her hairy pussy fucked in over a month, that she was needing it real bad." I'm a big fan of chicks with hairy tacos between their legs, of course, and hearing of Stephanie's intense yearning made me even hotter for her. I wanted to see her hairy pussy so bad! First, I wanted to see it; then I wanted to taste it and then I wanted to fuck it! It's all I thought about for days until one afternoon I saw Stephanie again at the gym and decided it was time to make my move.

Gallery: Attractive hirsute woman gets in doggie-style position for you to fuck her shaggy pussy hard.

Stephanie walked in and smiled at me, and I just kept looking at her crotch through the eyeholes in my werewolf mask, imagining what her big, bushy pubic hairs looked like and how sweaty and musky they must get during her workouts. Stephanie began riding her exercise bike while I stood there a few feet away. I was lifting dumb-bells up and down while I faced Stephanie with my big bulge sticking out of my pants again. I was getting hard and I knew Stephanie noticed. I grunted and sweated as my biceps bulged with every lift of the weights up to my neck and down again while Stephanie rode the bike faster and faster, the two of us huffing and puffing and lusting after one another until finally Stephanie stopped riding her bike, gasped and said, "Whew! I think I'm gonna lie on the bench press now and pump some iron. Wanna spot me? I really dig your werewolf mask, by the way."

"Sure, I'll help spot you," I said, "and I'm glad you like a man with alot of hair on his face." I then stood over Stephanie as she lied upon the weight bench. I first looked down at her pretty face then my eyes wandered over the two soft lumps that were her breasts. My eyes traveled further, down her belly and then to the space between her legs where I knew a hairy pussy dwelled. I almost couldn't stand it anymore as Stephanie brought the weights down to her chest and then suddenly I had my lucky chance!

Gallery: Top hairy model loves to get nude and show off her hot body to her secret admirers.

"H-Help me," Stephanie huffed and puffed, unable to lift the weight bar from her chest. She lied there helpless and grunting, barely able to breathe and I had to make a decision. Should I lift the weight bar from her chest or take advantage of the situation to see Stephanie's hairy taco? Being an obsessed hairy pussy maniac, I decided on the latter as I walked in front of her spread legs and began to pull off her spandex. I slowly began to slip off her tight, sweaty spandex pants, reveling in the musky air that emitted from the slow unveiling of her beautiful furry beaver. I swelled the sweat and the animalistic sex of her sweet, throbbing vagina hit me square in the face. I began to dreamily rock my head in a circle, entranced by the sensuous odor until I snapped out of it. "Goddam that's a hairy pussy!" I said, then I uttered "MMMMMMMM . . . hairy tacos!" before I began to bury my face between Stephanies thighs, nibbling on her cute, curly pubic hairs. Her black-haired bush was so thick, so beautiful; her pubic hairs glistened with sweat and the juices from her flaming labia as I lapped at her hanging meat curtains with my ravenous tongue, growling as I did so and sending myself into a delirious fever.

"W-W-What the fuck are you doing?" Stephanie uttered as I stood there with my pants pulled down. I had my big hardon in my hand as I stared at the nicest black-haired bush I had ever seen! Stephanie's pussy was right there in front of me in all its glory. It was full of curly, wavy beautiful hairs which surrounded her gaping, wet flaps of labia as I became mesmerized. "G-Get these damn weights off my chest and maybe I'll let you FUCK my hairy pussy instead of just licking on it," Stephanie said and that's when I began to get a grip on myself. I suddenly realized how big of an asshole I was being as I lifted the bar from Stephanie's chest and said, "I'm so sorry!" I then conjured up all the alpha-male werewolf strength I could muster to lift the bar from Stephanie's chest and immediatel;y upon doing so I lifted her shirt up over her head, ripped of her bra and began to suckle from her large, erect nipples.

Gallery: Long-haired brunette sweetie takes off her red sweater and shows her bush.

"Aaaaah," that's it, Stephanie said, gasping for breath with all the weight finally off of her, "suck my titties, baby, while I play with that big werewolf cock of yours." I felt Stephanie's hands fumbling with the waistband of my spandex, digging into the front to grab my dick. I helped her slide my pants off and then straddled myself atop her chest, my dick hovering hard and mighty over her face as she lifted her head up to put it in her mouth. I got off her chest and planted my feet to either side of the weight bench, gasping as this heavenly hirsute woman spat on my throbbing, twittering shaft and licked it all over. She looked up into the eyeholes of my werewolf mask while she bobbed her head up and down the entire length of my shaft, stopping once in awhile to stroke me and lick my balls like a cat lapping up a bowl of milk. The longer she sucked my cock the more her eyes began to glow yellow and when they were so bright that thay lit up the room I knew it was time to get her bent over the weight bench so I could get deep inside her hot, hair-laden cunt.

"Yeah, that's it, let me get a good look at that hot ass of yours," I said as Stephanie stood up. She placed both hands on the side of the bench, arched her back up high and I was right behind her hairy, bare round ass. I slipped a few fingers inside her sopping, furry twat, getting her nice and wet. I loved all the fine, light brown hairs she had all over her ass. her butthole was cute and surrounded by hair as I looked up to the sky and howled, my hands in thankful prayer for the hairy pussy I was about to receive. Then without further delay I slipped in my dick, howling louder and louder as I did so, fucking Stephanie harder and harder, faster and faster while I squeezed both her hairy, firm butt cheeks tight and plowed myself in, rammed my dangerous werewolf dick home, getting nice and DEEP inside there as Stephanie hissed and screeched in wicked werewoman lust.

Gallery: Gorgeous college babe has a furry pussy and spreads it wide as if asking for your cock to be inside it.

She turned her head over her shoulder, hissing "YEAH! FUCK ME YOU WOLF MAN ASSHOLE! FUCK ME GOOD YOU PIECE OF MOON-LIT SHIT!!" I loved how she was talking dirty and mean to me because it made me want to fuck her even more fiercely. Her cunt was so wet and tight and her ass was so gorgeous that it was all I could do not to cum after a couple minutes. But I managed to hold it in a good long while. After about a half-hour of continuous hard throttling inside Stephanie's hairy taco I shouted out loud and pulled out my cock, trembling and twitching. My body was drenched with sweat as I shot my white, glistening gooey load all over Stephanie's hot fucking werewoman ass, thankful to finally get it out of my system.

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