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"Hairy Mary Howls"
A hirsute woman grows a hairy pussy for the first time

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Gallery:Black haired hottie shows her pretty brunette pussy hairs.

I have an old college friend, Mary, who is a stunning brunette hirsute woman with a thick, beautiful bush of pubic hairs. Her and I were talking the other day about when she first decided to grow hair on her pussy. She used to shave like all of her friends and never imagined herself with an unshaved vagina until her dog, Tiger, got hit by a car one day. She was so in love with Tiger; he was her best friend and the day she saw that old '86 Chevy Celebrity knock poor Tiger 50 ft in the air she decided she had to do something in tribute to him and in honor of his memory. At the horrible accident scene there were wads of Tiger's fur lying all over the road and as Mary walked about picking them up she got an idea. She held the fur in her hand, placed it between her legs and said to herself, "I got it! I'll grow a hairy pussy in honor of Tiger's shaggy body!

And so it began, the dawn of a hairy pussy. Mary wanted someone to be with her through the pubic hair growing process so she asked her best friend at the time, Matt, to join her in her pussy hair journey. Matt had for a long time been wanting to fuck Mary and he figured the closer he was to her pussy the better his chances would be. Mary became frustrated because it took nearly a week for the first sprout of hair to grow. One morning she woke up and began to put on her panties when she saw it. There it was, a solitary, miniscule black sprout of beautiful pussy hair and she immediately called Matt to come over and see it.

"I swear, it's a pussy hair!" Mary said to Matt as he gladly got on his knees as she stood there with her pants off. He was inspecting her pussy and analyzing the hair, squinting his eyes as he did so and nearly going crazy being so close to Mary's snatch.

Gallery:Cute pig-tailed hirsute woman at the gym showing her bush.

"I can't really tell if it's a pubic hair or not, but I'll take your word for it," Matt said as he tried to slyly stick his finger inside Isabelle's vagina. "Stop that!" Mary said. "You're supposed to be my friend, Matt!" Matt appeared flustered and frustrated and said, "Yeah, that's right, sorry. A real friend should be able to inspect his pretty female friend's pussy without getting aroused, shouldn't he?" Matt's sarcasm was evident but it definitely wasn't going to get him laid that day.

Days went by and then weeks, with Matt taking a look at Isabelle's pussy periodically. It got hairier and hairier and more and more bushy. The two of them would sit on the couch together and watch TV. Both would be sitting there with their pants off and they would pet Mary's hairy pussy just as if it were Mary's long-dead dog, Tiger. "It's almost as if he were still alive, isn't it?" Mary would say as she giggled, so proud of her hairy pussy and so glad to have a friend like Matt to be with her through the growing process.

Matt humored Mary, even referring to her hairy pussy as "Tiger" and sometimes Mary would even begin barking. She would put a bone in her mouth and crawl about the floor, on her hands and knees with her hot round ass sometimes facing Matt. Matt would sit on the couch with his hard cock out, stroking himself feverishly as he stared at Mary's dripping hairy pussy folds as they glistened with sex dew and screamed a natural primal scream of seduction. But as time went by he realized that to fuck Mary's hairy pussy would be to disrespect her dead dog's memory. He knew she would grow out of it; he knew that someday some lucky guy would get to fuck her newly hairy pussy but it wouldn't be him. He was too good of a friend and he had watched Mary come too far. He would only stroke his cock and watch as Mary lied on her back barking, wiggling her ass as if it were her tail and saying, "Matt, come and pet my little doggie!" And Matt would do so, lying on the floor with her naked, rubbing her furry bush until she'd fall fast asleep.

Mary would eventually get her hairy pussy fucked in the most exciting of ways!

She'd soon go off to community college where she was a friendly, gregarious girl who was popular among all of her fellow students. Whenever a friend needed a helping hand she was always there and whenever there was a party she would always be willing to help organize it and post flyers around the college town to advertise it. But even though she was well-liked amongst her peers, had millions of friends, she always felt lonely inside because she kept a deep, dark secret to herself: Mary was a hirsute werewoman with a hairy pussy! And she no longer barked like a dog, but howled like a wolf, having become so emboldened and made confident by her werewoman nature, eagerly prowling the streets at night, her hairy pussy throbbing and dripping wet in search of a cock to fuck her hot, furry hole. Excruciating werewoman lust rushed through her veins. Her friends didn't realize that even though by day she was the same, amicable Mary, at night she rubbed her unshaved vagina furiously and walked about in dark alleys foaming at the mouth in search of cock.

Gallery: Pretty, innocent-looking girl has a hairy vagina! Do you think she'll let you see it?

Even though she knew that the current trend on campus was for girls to shave their vaginas bald, Mary continued let her bush grow in honor of her dog, Tiger. She still remembered the words she said to Tiger at his funeral when she buried him in a small grave in her back yard, she wept sweet tears of tender love and said to Tiger's spirit, "I promise to never shave my pussy in honor of you, Tiger. Your memory will forever linger between my legs." But at the time she didn't realize what growing a bush and becoming a hirsute werewoman really meant and what it would do to her young, nascent libido. She also didn't realize she would have to hide the secret of her hairy pussy for fear that her friends would laugh at her for being different.

So imagine how Mary felt when she was asked to help promote a campus "Pussy Showing Party". It was a party where all the girls got drunk and then began showing their pussies to all the guys in attendance who would vote on whose was the prettiest. The winner would then get to be fucked by the guy who won the drawing held for just such a purpose. Mary worried herself sick over the party, brooded over whether she should shave herself or become the laughing stock of the campus. Crying one night, she sat on the edge of her bath tub with a razor in her hand, preparing to shave her beautiful, hairy pussy when all the sudden she looked in the bathroom mirror and saw Tiger's face in it! Tiger was barking and his tongue hung out his mouth as he said to Mary, "Please don't shave your beautiful pussy. Trust me, leave it hairy and everything will work out."

So Mary took the ghost of Tiger's advice and she nervously sat at the Pussy Showing Party a few days later, sipping her beer and waiting for the announcement. It wasn't long before all the girls were gathered in a circle and surrounded by all the guys. The winner of the drawing happened to ME, and by that time I had a huge werewolf cock. I had my cock out and my werewolf mask on as I shook it at the girls, saying, "Okay let's see those pussies, ladies! I'm ready to fuck whoever's is the prettiest."

Girl after girl sat in the middle of the circle on the beer-stained carpet and spread her legs. Every single one of them was shaved bald and after over twenty girls showed of their smooth vaginas a few of the guys began complaining. "Goddam," one of them said, "all these fucking pussies look exactly the same! How the hell are we supposed to tell who is the winner?"

That's when Mary's turn came up. Her heart was beating fast but she was also very wet. Her hairy pussy was throbbing with excitement as she remembered what Tiger said. Sitting in the circle she faced all of the guys who waited patiently and then watched in amazement as she took off her jeans; she slid off her panties, spread her legs and exposed her hairy black bush. It was a beautiful bush of curly, musky black hairs and as I looked at it I was in awe. "Oh my God, it's so different-looking!" I said. "It's so hairy and primal and natural." My cock began to get harder and harder and by the time pre-cum was oozing out of it I made the announcement, "Okay, contest is over! Mary wins! All you other girls can take your cookie-cutter pussies the hell home while I fuck this hairy pussy!"

Gallery: Adorable blonde is on the bed spreading her furry blonde haired snatch.

Mary spread her legs even wider for me as she smiled and watched me get down on the floor with her. Despite my words, all the girls stayed and watched as I lied atop of Isabelle and inserted my big stiff werewolf cock inside of her, feeling the wet, tight fuckhole of her haunting, hairy pussy and I gasped in pleasure, shaking my fur-covered head in disbelief as I began to fuck Mary like a beast, screaming "This is the tightest hairiest pussy I ever fucked in my life!" Mary began howling like a wolf with every thrust of my stiff rod inside of her. She wrapped her long smooth legs around my hairy werewolf ass and scratched at my back as I plowed and plowed into her, hearing her howl louder and louder as all of the others looked on in amazement, They'd never seen two hairy naked people like Isabelle and I fucking so fast; and so furiously. We were savage hirsute-loving BEASTS! We were gorgeous, hairy animals in a sea of sickening, shaven mindless mannequins. After cumming inside her pussy Isabelle whispered into my ear, "My dog, Tiger, thanks you". That was the first time Mary and I had ever met and ever since then we get together once in a while for another round of furious furry fucking in memory of that wonderful day.

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