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Do naked, hairy, dreadlocked hemp-wearing barefoot babes turn you on? This site has over 30,000 original, exclusive, photographs of Hippie Girls.
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This site is dedicated to naughty, normal furry girls fucking. See more than 500 DVD-length movies inside the member's area.
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These gorgeous hairy amateurs have juicy jungle pussies with thick tangles of hair! Not a razor in sight and plenty of tasty natural snatch to feast upon!
Hi there, everyone! Welcome to my site devoted to hirsute women. I'm Taco Werewolf and I love to wear my werewolf mask while I sit around my apartment eating tacos all day. What's even better is when I get to eat hairy tacos all day! Oh yeah, there's nothing like a pretty pink little hairy taco sitting between a girl's legs to set this werewolf to howling and fucking and GROWLING! If babes with hairy pussies--or hirsute werewomen as I like to call them-- are your thing, too, check out the stories and hairy gallery links I have listed below. Enjoy your stay and always remember that if it isn't hairy then it ain't worth getting the razor out for! Hahahaha.
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Hirsute Women Sex Story #10
"Hairy Mary Howls"
I have an old college friend, Mary, who is a stunning brunette hirsute woman with a thick, beautiful bush of pubic hairs. Her and I were talking the other day about when she first decided to grow hair on her pussy. She used to shave like all of her friends and never imagined herself with an unshaved vagina until her dog, Tiger, got hit by a car one day. She was so in love with Tiger; he was her best friend and the day she saw that old '86 Chevy Celebrity knock poor Tiger 50 ft in the air she decided she had to do something in tribute to him and in honor of his memory . . . . . .
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Hirsute Women Sex Story #9
"The Hirsute Woman Room-Mate"
I remember back when I lived right across the hall from some really loud neighbors who were keeping me up at night. They were two women and by listening to their fighting I slowly gathered what the situation was with them. One of them was a hirsute werewoman, evidently, a girl who didn't shave her body hair, and the other room-mate was some clean-cut, razor-obsessed chick who was ragging on her roomie for not shaving her hairy pussy . . . .
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Hirsute Women Sex Story #8
"The Hairy Pussy Weight-Lifting Incident"
I love to going to the gym because I love looking at all the hot, sweaty babes there and recently I'd been getting a real thrill out of watching this babe, Stephanie, do her workouts. She's was this cute brunette with big blue eyes and an ass rounder than a bubble-headed beach-ball. I was getting in the habit of staring at her ass while she was on the tread-mill. I'd just sit behind her on a weight bench a few feet away, sipping from a soda pop. I'd have my werewolf mask and furry wererwolf gloves on, just sitting there feeling my cock pulsate while my hirsute radar went off in my head, telling me this babe had a nice hairy pussy between her legs . . . .
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Hirsute Women Sex Story #7
"Undercover Werewolf Janitor"
I got a buddy who works as an orderly at a local hospital. He was telling me recently about this hot hirsute chick who was in the trauma ward. He said this girl had been beaten nearly to death by a band of snot-nosed, out-of-control teenagers because they knew she was a hirsute werewoman and that she had a furry beaver between her legs. Unfortunately, in the city I live in-- and more and more I see it in the world at large-- there's alot of prejudice against girls who don't shave their pussies . . . .
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Hirsute Women Sex Story #6
"The Spirit of a Werewoman"
My friend, Scary Larry, had a sister who was murdered one tragic night because she was a hirsute werewoman with an unshaved vagina. This sad fact of his life never stopped Larry from being a good host during the Super Bowl every year, though. Him and his creepy, transvestite brother, Malcolm, make for some of the most morbidly amusing company imaginable and every year I make it a point to watch the Super Bowl at Larry's place. Our 2003 Super Bowl Party, with the Raiders playing the Buccanners, had to be the one of the greatest of all. . . .
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Hirsute Women Sex Story #5
"Mystery Of The Hairy Pussy Bigfoot"
Pam had been my best friend ever since we were in first grade and we shared everything together. We'd both read the same werewolf books; we'd both use the same comb to brush our hair and often we even shared the same toothbrush whenever we stayed over at one another's houses when we were little. As we got older and my penis became bigger I started having these "feelings" for Pam. I noticed that I was growing pubic hairs around my cock and I wondered if Pam had them, too, around her pussy. . . . .
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Hirsute Women Sex Story #4
"The Hirsute Hag On Campus"
He was a wonderful football player but to our surprise he pooped such tiny turds! That's what me and my buddy, Darren, found out when we went to the Big Secret Football Party after winning a contest that the local college football team was holding in order to sell tickets to their crappy football team's season opener. The "Connersville Cumstains," as I call them, haven't had a winning season since 1992 and they haven't won a bowl game since I don't know when . . . .
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Hirsute Women Sex Story #3
"Hairy Sorority Cook-Off"
So I met this girl at the laundromat the other day. She was curvy, cute brunette with big brown eyes and boobs and a butt that looked so firm, soft and juicy that I thought if I poked a fork in it that tangy, tasty steak juice would start squirting out and splatter me in the face. For some reason this babe was washing nothing but her fucking underwear that day. She stood there in a tight, white cotton T-shirt and white sweatpants, eyeing me and smiling flirtatiously as she pulled a pair of panties out of her laundry bag, dropped them in the washer. . . . .
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Hirsute Women Sex Story #2
"Hairy Pussy Plasma Center"
Me and a few of my buddies used to donate plasma a lot, back when I was, like 23 years old or something. We were all unemployed derelicts at the time, so twice a week we'd donate, sit and get drunk on cheap beer with the scant cash we earned, talk about how hot the phlebotomists were who stuck the needles in us. There was this one time I had a severe crush on this hairy, werewoman chick, Bloodette, and I loved it when she was the one to "stick" me. . . . .
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Hirsute Women Sex Story #1
"Werewoman Arcade"
I'm a janitor in a pornstore. We have a video arcade in the back of the store which contains a maze-like, dark set of hallways and small, closet-sized booths that guys can go into and jack off. They buy tokens from the clerk at the counter when they walk in; each token costs a quarter and lasts about a minute but alot of the guys seem to make $3 worth last the whole damn day because more than watching movies they go back there and loiter, waiting for the right cock to stroll in .. . . . . . .
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The first issue of "Hirsute Women Headlines" attempts to express the need to see hairy women naked in order to truly understand them. It also issues a challenge to men to masturbate in order to prove their appreciation for female body hair.
The second issue of "Hirsute Women Headlines" begins to explore the various degrees of "female body hair states" as it relates to hairy pussies and hair on women in general. It starts to differentiate and explain the distinction between "women who simply have a hairy pussy," "hirsute women" and "female werewolves" or "werewomen" as I like to call them.
A stark comparison between hairy pussy and clean-shaven vaginas is made in the third issue of "Hirsute Women Headlines". A distinction is made between women who grow hair biologically abnormally compared to those who let it grow socially abnormally to a degree, or at least in a fashion that it is considered socially unacceptable by some(eg, female hair on the armpits and legs). Whether having a hairy pussy, armpits or legs is "abnormal" for a woman or not is, in my opinion, subjective. I personally tend to like it quite a bit.
Taco Werewolf and Hairy Cherry have a meeting of the minds in "Hirsute Women Headlines, #4". After looking at the extremely hairy vaginas of two different hirsute women, they weigh the evidence pointing to their being diagnosed as "clinically hirsute" against pictures of a hairy girl with a moustache.
Issue #5 of the "Hirsute Women Headlines" asks the question: "How far would you go?" How much female body hair is too much? . The degrees of female body hair are reviewed and a challenge is presented to fuck "THE BEARDED LADY". Would you fuck the bearded lady and like to look down at her sucking your cock? Or is that taking the female body hair fetish too far?
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