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"Lusting After Jeff's Armpit Hairs, Part 5"

A Hairy Gay Armpit story by Taco Werewolf.

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gay salsa werewolfFinally Jeff walked in the apartment from swim practice . He was still wet from the pool and wearing nothing but a skimpy, bright blue bikini swimsuit. He had his swimming goggles on and his hair was all tussled, sticking up here and there immaculately like the rays of a crooked, born-to-be-burnt-out sun. Immediately he started in on me, saying, "Damn, put on some clothes, old man! That pale skin of yours is about to blind me even with these goggles on!" Then he tossed his soft, wet towel at me and I lost all control.

I just became this whimpering mess of lust, began wiping the towel all over my hairy chest. I rubbed it against my cock and balls, moaning as I did so and watching as Jeff slid off his bikini briefs right in front of me. The sight of his big, hanging thick gorgeous dick made my heart about to explode as I began to howl and shake upon the couch cushion. I rubbed the towel against my face and smelled the scent of his sweat, his tan-lotion-smeared, hard gorgeous lightly-brown body mix with the scent of my own ball sweat. The odors of both our musky, manly odors collided as I began to scream and at first Jeff laughed, said, "Ah, c'mon! It's just a dirty old bath towel! Why get so worked up about it? I've seen you hanging out with all sorts of hot dudes here on campus so why do you have to be bent on ME, specifically, Taco? I admit, though, it's pretty fun driving you crazy."

gay salsa werewolf"I don't know," I gasped as I began stroke my cock in front of Jeff frantically while wiping the bath towel all over my face and chest, "maybe it's because I can't have you. Maybe it's because I consider you a challenge because you have spurned me, or maybe I am just crazy obsessed with you, your armpits hairs are like the gentle aura of a simmering sun, your cock is like the stem of the most fragrant flower." I then got off the couch and began to approach Jeff, saying, "Let me suck it . . . . please?!"

"No, you're not sucking my cock!" Jeff exclaimed. "I already told you that, dude." Then he glared intently at the tops of my hands as I stroked my cock for him. "Ewwwwww," he said, "what the fuck? have your hands always been that fucking hairy?"

I ignored Jeff's question and just crept closer to him. I saw his eyes begin to widen as I felt my cock getting bigger, thicker, larger than it had ever been before. Jeff began backing away and said, "Wow, dude, you're fucking mouth is foaming and your eyes are glowing red." He then motioned over to a big bowl of salsa and a pile of tortilla chips sitting on the coffee table. It had been sitting there leftover from a party a few days ago. "I think you ate too much of that fucking salsa, dude. That shit has been sitting there for days and you really shouldn't have eaten any of it today, Taco. I think it's gone to your brain."

gay salsa werewolfIn a fury I reached over and grabbed the bowl of salsa and threw it at Jeff, knocking him on the chest with it. I watched it splatter all over him, the bright red hue painting his smooth, muscular pectorals and as I watched it run down his abdomen it seemed to speak to me. It was salsa I had brought in from the Howling Jalapeno and was made by my werewolf boss. I wondered what he put into it? There may have been some truth to what Jeff said because when I first got home I had eaten some of the chips dipped in salsa but stopped after a couple handfuls because it was beginning to give me heartburn. But more than anything I knew it was Jeff's armpit hairs that had instigated my transformation. Seeing the salsa slowly drip into the beautiful blonde patch of pubes that surrounded Jeff's cock was the last thing I remember before I blacked out.

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